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Siberia & Asia

Our first guided heliskiing trips have been to Kyrgyzstan and Kamchatka, here it all has its orgin. No surprise Flory has a special relationship to this part of the world. He organized many trips to the Indian Himalaya, Priiskovy in the Altai or even to Iran over the last years.

On trips to such countries its not all just about skiing, much more it is the overall experience. The country and its people, the culture and history are the certain something on these journeys. Openness, curiousity and the will to sacrify some comfort is required. The reward are unique and mind blowing impressions and experiences: the hospitality of the local people, exotic cuisine, ancient culture and last but not least skiing in front of a gigantic scenery.

Tajikistan - a new exciting heliski trip in 2023

We have been flirting with the Pamir Mountains for many years. On a get-to-know trip in 2018, we came back completely enthusiastic about the country and its people and the almost endless possibilities.

In March 2020 we managed to make a pioneering journey to this fascinating mountain world. This has exceeded all expectations. The terrain is almost made for skiing, even more so for heli-skiing. With our base in the small ski resort of Safed Dara, we can reach peaks of over 4000 meters in just a few minutes by plane. We hope to be able to offer a trip to this area again in February/March 2023.

Our offers for Siberia & Asia

Kazakhstan - Powder in the Kazakh Altai

An exclusive and adventurous snowcat and skitouring trip to the Kazhak Altai.

Tajikistan - Silk Powder Heliskiing

The Pamir, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world, is still to be discovered by heliskiers.