The mountain guiding team of Flory Kern

A key factor for a successfull, eventful and most of all safe skiing trip are motivated and highly qualified guides, who´s passion is skiing and sharing the mountains with others. All our mountain guides are state approved UIAGM guides and are excited to ski with you.

Flory Kern

State-approved mountain and skiing guide, founder and director of Flory Kern Ski Berge Abenteuer. Out of season you sometimes come across Flory in the office, but once the season has started Flory loves to show the finest powder and the best freeride spots around the globe to his guests and friends.

Matthias Knaus

Matthias has a diploma in Geography and he is in love with nature and all kind of outdoorsports. His spirit to discover new terrain and his accurcacy in planning his activities are his keyskills. You can be sure he will be 100% prepared for his trip and that everything will work out smoothly.

Andi Millinger

For more than 15 years Andi travels to the most remote skiareas of South America, India as well as Africa. During spring time he usually guides in the high north of Norway in the Lyngen Alps and he is also involved in our heliski operations. If he is not skiing you will meet him in some very hard climbing routs all over the globe.  All our clients like to ski with Andi, it s alway lots of fun.

Remo Baltermia

Remo is right from the heart of Central Switzerland, from Engelberg. Funny enough, we are ski buddies already since 30 years. Remo is not only a very good skier and winter guide, he also works as a full time professional mountain guide in the summer and takes his clients through challenging alpine routes all over the Alps. Remo is also a good entertainer, when he pulls out an old guitar to play some great blues songs.

Christoph Garber

Chris is the youngster in our team. Born in 1995 he grew up in the beautiful Zillertaler mountains, however only at the age of 17 he discovered alpinism as his passion. Shortly after he decided to make a living out of his passion and got a state approved UIAGM mountain and ski guide at the age of 22 and therewith is one of the youngest guides of Austria. Chris is not just a great skier, but also a very open and positive person and we are very happy to welcome him to our team.

Stefan Brück

When the guests are satisfied, then Stefan is happy. He has more than 20 years of experience as a mountain guide and he is still full of passion for his job: Freeriding in winter (“We did that long before it got even a name …”), rock climbing in spring and autumn and mountaineering in the summer.

Felix Berktold

The work as a mountain guide was passed to Felix in a time when he was still a child. His great-grandfather was already a mountain guide in Oberstdorf. Felix began as 3 year old boy to make his first turns in the snow, and this is still his passion. Even If he changed in the last years once and a while his skis with the crampons, and even if he has found his second home on the high mountains of this earth, he still loves to explore the “little” mountains outside his door on his skis.

Florian Hellberg

Flo is a multi talent. He likes anything that slides on snow, but mostly prefers to cruise down in deep powder on his skis. If he is not on skis you will find him climbing on some of the hardest routes of the Alps. As a certified physicist he also works in the institute of the DAV to test climbing materials. Flo is a highly accuarate and professional guide.

Raphael Eiter

Raphael´s father and grandfather have been mountainguides and therefore it was clear to him pretty early that Raphael will be a mountainguide himself. With 23 years he was a UIAGM-mountainguide already and can look back on a lot of experience already despite his rather young age. He was working as a Heliskiguide in Canada for 3 years and is an excellent skier. Besides his high professional skills we really like his open and humorous character and we are happy to have him in our team.

Christian Kohler

Christl Kohler lives in Klein Walsertal, right away he felt super comfortable in our guide team. He has proved his absolute professionality while guiding with us in unknown Heliski areas and this is where a guide can show his real skills.

Luca Rolli

Luca Rolli lives in Courmayeur. If Luca is not busy with skiing some of the steep lines all around Mt. Blanc, he often works with us at our Heliski bases in Svanetia or Italy. His professionalism and experience make him a very valuable member of our mountain guide team.

Ivan Pegorari


Ivan Pegorari is a local from Valmalenco in northern Italy. Ivan is always ready to joke around, but still takes his work as a professional mountain guide more than serious. It is a true enrichment to have him in our team of mountain guides. Especially it is a great value to have a local guide with us running our Heliski trips in Italy.

Johannes Kirschner

Hannes is a very gifted sportsmen. In former times his passion was Motocross and Snowbaording, nowadays he loves alpinism in all it´s facetts. He is a real allrounder and feels comfortable in all kind of terrain and it does not matter if on skis, crampons or in rock climbing boots. Hannes is a state approved UIAGM mountain guide, but he does not work as a full time professional guide all around the year. Thus you can be sure whenever he is out guiding, he is full of enthusiasm for the nature and mountains.

Stefan Guggemos

Stefan grew up in the mountains of the Allgäu region and went back there after succesfully completing his mountain guide diploma. Since then he is working passionately as a full time mountain guide. His motivation is not just to explore and discover new areas and regions, but also to meet new people and share his passion with them. He likes all alpine disciplines, but most of the time his heart beats for powder and skiing. Or how Stefan would say: “It´s all about the down!”

Michael Walther

Michael is living in the Bernese Oberland. After working several years in the software developement business he swapped the office for the mountains and now is a full time professional mountain guide. Whenever Michael is not guiding he is enjoying the powder for himself or takes care about his other passion: paragliding. We are happy to welcome Michael in our team and look forward to a great cooperation and time together.

Stef Urfer

Stef was fascinated by the alpine already in his youth. Originally a metall constructor he decided to follow his passion and became a professional mountain guide in 2009. Since then he is guiding people throughout the mountains all over the globe, no matter if on crampons or on skis. A strong support for his demanding job for sure is his wife and his 2 little daughters. Stef is a true allround alpinist, but in winter time there is nothing better for him than to take some fast turns down an untracked powder slope and feel the spray in the face. As a mountain guide safety and well-being of his guests are top priority for him.

Bernhard Freinademetz

Bernhard – also called Bezi – is the son of an “old” family of mountaineers. Right after he was able to walk on his own feet his family took him to the mountains. After spending so many years in the mountains Bezi was sure he wants to be a professional mountain guide. On top he founded, a company that is dedicated to outdoor photography and filming. Bezi is absolutely passionate about the mountains and for sure someone like him cannot miss in our team.

Johannes Jähn


Like so many other mountaineers Hannes discovered his passion for the alpine already when he was young. Born in 1982 and raised in Ellwangen, he already climbed many mountains of the Alps as a kid. When he was an adult he combined his studies with his mountain guiding courses. Though Hannes is an engineer, today he works as a full time professional mountain guide. He is based in Nesselwang in the beautiful moutains of the Allgäu, however most of his time he spends in the mighty peaks of the Western Alps. His big passion is freeriding and skitouring, however he is also always in for a rock-climbing trip! 

Michael Ziegler

Born and raised in the Northern Black Forest, Michael was standing on skis for the first time already at the age of three and practiced skiing on a small slope right behind his parent´s house. Over the next years his parents took him to the mountains and obviously he got infected with climbing, mountaineering and skiing. He became a state approved mountain and skiing guide in 2002 and since that time he is leading guests on a profesional base. His main motivation doing so is to get to know new interesting people and to share his passion and fascination for the mountains with them.

The office team

Dagmar Kern

Dagmar pulls the strings in the office. Thanks to many years of experience, she knows the answer to almost every question and if not, she will certainly find out for you. And whenever Dagmar is not working in the office she is following her second profesional passion, the emergency medicine in the hospital. During her free time she loves to be out on her mountainbike or living the surfers dream. 

Tim Knab

Tim loves to be out on his mountainbike riding the best trails all over, however whenever he is at home when can count on his many years of travel experience all around the globe. Besides of countless runs in the Alps he skied the volcanoes of Chile and has been in Norway and Swanetia with us.