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For more than 20 years we’ve been traveling the globe, always searching for the perfect mountain, the best hillsides, the finest powder. Long before the skis became wider and the term “freeriding” was being used, we’ve been knowing the best freeride spots around the globe. 

Full throttle towards the winter...

The summer isn't even over yet, but our plans and thoughts are already in the powder snow.

If you want to do a warm up ride with us, from 24.11 - 26.11.23 it's Ride and Tour in the Pitztal. Right after we fly to the Kazakh Altai for a wonderful powder trip. After New Year we're going straight to Japan, to the Georgian Goderdzi Pass, to Svaneti for heliskiing, to ski-tour in the far north and much more...

We look forward to sharing the loveliest moments of winter with you.

Flory and the Ski Berge Abenteuer Team

Sail & Ski Spitsbergen

For more than 12 years we have been visiting the island archipelago Svalbard at the beginning of May, when spring is already awakening in central Europe. At this time of year it is still deep winter up here. In a comfortably furnished sailing boat, we take you to the most beautiful peaks and descents. On this trip, the focus is clearly on the experience of skiing in this Arctic wilderness. On the peaks we are rewarded with unforgettable views of fjords and almost endless glaciers.

This trip is one of the absolute highlights of a ski touring career. We look forward to sharing these impressions with you.

Homeland of Guides

We have a unique relationship with our home. We have known it since our childhood, returned to it whenever we could. With the Homeland of Guides, we offer the opportunity to experience our team mountain guides in their mountain homes. We ascent with lifts and touring skis and do not specify a fixed program. Because that's exactly what it's about, depending on weather and conditions, we are able to achieve an optimum. With the value of great knowledge, necessary contacts and a lot of empathy, your local guide will show you his backyard. Flory's team of mountain guides is well spread across the Alps. Different mountain regions and climatic conditions are the result of a colorful program. From high winter to spring, opportunities are widely spread, all carefully considered and with an individual touch. All trips symbolized with the Homeland of Guides logo belong to this exclusive travel series.


Get to know Flory Kern!

Over 20 years ago Flory founded his mountain guiding school and since then he is leading trips as a professional mountain guide all over the world. All our guests highly benefit from his his massive experience and skills. 

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At home in the mountains

Flory can count on a strong team: without our state approved UIAGM mountain guides it would not be possible to run so many trips. All our guides are passionate skiers and look forward to get to know you. Here you can get a first impression of our team.

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