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Spitsbergen - Arctic Ski and Sail

We’re looking to offer a once in a lifetime experience with our ‘Ski and Sail’ trip to Spitsbergen. Ski touring on this arctic island, only 1200km away from the North Pole, is a definite highlight of any ski touring career.

Price: 4950 EUR

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A Swimming Home

Throughout the course of this ‘Arctic Ski and Sail’ week, our base camp will be aboard Ocean A, a sail boat especially made and equipped for the arctic waters, which has been renovated in 2022. It is with this boat that we will reach some of the most spectacular mountains along the west coast. Isfjorden, Kongsfjord, Van Mejenfjord, and Prins Karls Forland will be our destinations for this trip.

Many of the summits around this area do not bear a name. The mountainous landscape in this area is one that is perfectly suited for skiing, with the highest summits reaching around 1400m. Many huge glaciers stretch into the sea. A landscape completely untouched and unspoilt. If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience, without homely comforts and private hotel rooms, that combines sailing and skiing, this will undoubtedly be a trip that is not to be missed.


We will reach Longyearbyen via Oslo. Longyearbyen is the most northern settlement on earth, only 1200 km away from the North Pole, and home to around 2500 people.  Coal mining still plays an important role in the settlement, but most residents work in the various polar research centres or live off tourism. Its centre is somewhat on the smaller side but it still has a few pubs, small shops, and a handful of hotels. Upon our arrival we will board Ocean A. Our skipper team will provide us with a briefing of what we need to know on the boat. Shortly after, we will cast off and be on our way.

After a 3 hour ride the evening will slowly be closing in and we will have made port at a lonely bay with a calving glacier – this will be our first chance to go on short ski tour. Upon our return the smell of good food will be coming from our boat, which our cook has prepared for us.  After dinner, it’ll be off to bed – sleeping masks at the ready and off to the bunks. We will have to make do without the darkness during this week as the sun holds its position in the sky, providing us with 24 hours a day of light. The next day we will sail on during breakfast past mighty mountains and glaciers. By lunchtime it will be time to cast anchor again and head landwards on a dinghy, loaded with our ski. Our peaks and goals for the six days will be decided based on weather and snow conditions. In Spitsbergen you could spend a lifetime ski touring without having to climb the same summit twice. After a long and demanding day out in the mountains we will be looking forward to returning to the shelter of the well-heated boat, where we will enjoy a fine meal and ponder over the day’s happenings over a glass of wine. On the last day it will be time to say goodbye to our homely sailboat and head back home via Oslo.

Information about our boat Ocean A

Ocean A is a sailboat made and equipped for the arctic waters. It has 5 sleeping compartments, each for 2-3 people, and is around 22 metres in length. Warmth is provided on the boat by a diesel heating system. Skiing boots and wet pieces of clothing can be dryed. There are also three showers and toilets on board, although the fresh water on a sailing boat is quite precious. Only 1-2 showers per week are planned per person.. Meals will be prepared in the on-board kitchen and washing-up will be a shared chore. Should it be necessary, we may have to share night-duties of anchor or polar bear watch. The Ocean A is clearly not a luxury yacht, but a very practical and reliable home for our week.


Normal ski touring gear and a change of clothes is enough for this trip to Spitsbergen at this time of the year.The temperatures in mid-May are between + 2 ° C and - 10 ° C on the coast and winter temperatures of up to - 20 ° C with wind factor can be expected on the summits. For glacier crossing a harness and a screw-lock carabiner will be required, which we can provide on request. You will receive a detailed packing list after booking.

The Most Important Details at a Glance


  • Ski touring experience
  • A good skiing technique in all types of terrain
  • Good physical fitness and condition for ski touring ascents up to 1500 metres (approximately six hours)
  • Team sprit – especially as we will be living in close quarters on the boat


You will fly via Oslo to Longyearbyen. As flight schedules are subject to change, the date of the trip may be moved 1-2 days forward or back.


We offer this trip to a minimum number of 5 and maximum of 8 participants.

Included in the Price of 4800 EUR

  • 8 days accompanied by Flory Kern a UIAGM certified mountain guide (6 whole days of skiing and depending on conditions, a shorter tour on the day of arriva)
  • 8 days of sailing with a very experienced skipper
  • 7 nights on the boat in cabins that sleep 2 or 3, all-inclusive
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • All permits for Spitzbergen
  • The hire of safety equipment (Avalanche beacon, shovel, probe) – N.B. please let us know 30 days in advance if safety equipment is required. 

Not Included

  • Travel from Central Europe via Oslo to Longyearbyen (from 800 EUR)
  • Hotel stays in Oslo in a hotel near the airport (from approximately 70 EUR), which may be necessary on the day of arrival or before the day of departure
  • Alcoholic drinks

Travel Preparations

Meeting Requirements and Fitness Level

A realistic self-assessment and an appropriate fitness level is required to join our trips. In order to enjoy a long day of skiing and to reduce the risk of injury, it is important to get in shape and possess a good level of fitness.

Travel Requirements

For entry to Spitsbergen most citizens require a valid passport.

Current Country-Specific Information, Vaccines and Health

Please contact your own ministry of foreign affairs for current information about your destination. 


Travel Insurance

Please note that there is a potential risk of injury on skiing trips. In addition to travel cancellation insurance, comprehensive medical and accident insurance that cover the costs of search and rescue, as well as transport costs, are imperative. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are insured before departure.

Comprehensive medical and accident insurance that covers potential costs of search and rescue operations as well as any medical costs is mandatory for all of our trips abroad.

It is required that you state this information during registration in our registration form in order to ensure 24h emergency assistance. 

Links to Insurance Companies:

Please also check your credit card policies as it is possible that these already include insurance.


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Please also note our terms and conditions .

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