Questions about the Trip

Here you will find all questions & answers about the trip in general.

What is the best travel time for my favourite destination?

We have carefully chosen the ideal time of our trips. Experience shows that the chances for good conditions are high in the specified periods, therefore it does not matter if you book an earlier or later date.

How firm is the described process of travel?

Generally the procedure describes the journey under ideal conditions. Due to weather-related features or other unforeseeable events, it may be necessary to change the process.

How big are the groups? Do I fit into the group?

With heliskiing usually we ski with a ratio of 4 clients to 1 guide
With Freeriding and ski touring trips we ski with a maximum ratio of 8 clients to 1 guide.

Since most of the time we work in the group travel principle and not with private chartered groups, it is important that you come up with the requirements described. This requires an honest self-assessment. 

How do I prepare for a trip?

More fitness means more fun and enjoyment. Prepare yourself physically and avoid making the first turns of the season on an exceptional ski trip. In addition to physical fitness, the mental attitude is important. For group travel, openness and tolerance are particularly important. For all trips including an air travel we require a travel accident insurance with assumption of search and rescue and rescue costs as well as a travel health insurance for the assumption of hospital costs abroad. An insurance confirmation must be available to us before start of the journey.