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04/05 – 12/05/2019: Spitzbergen – Arctic Ski and Sail

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Price 3990 Euro

The exact travel dates can vary 1-2 days before and after due to flight plan changes!

Here you can find photos of our trip

With the Ski and Sail trip to Spitzbergen we will offer you a trip of a lifetime. Only a few people so far had the chance to discover some of the greatest mountains of Spitzbergen on skis. Our base will be the Arctica 2, a sailing boat built in 2003 and especially designed for arctic waters. With the Ocean A we will reach spectacular mountains in the Atomfjella or in Jarlbergland along the fjord dominated west coast of Spitzbergen.

Every day we look for a new summit to climb and ski, most of them do not even have names, but they all have the shape of an ideal ski mountain. In this week we travel and we ski in an area where humans have not left any foot prints yet. Looming glaciers push deep into the ocean and in between are hundreds of beautiful mountains with a maximum height of about 1400 meters. If you look for an ultimate experience and the combination of sailing and skiing is appealing to you, our arctic ski and sail trip will be something extraordinary.

Our travel itinerary

We will fly to Oslo on Saturday 5th of May, where we need to stay for the night in an airporthotel. The next morning we continue our journey via Tromso to Longyearbyen. Longyearbyen is the most northern township on earth, only 1200 km away from the north pole. The town counts about 2500 inhabitants, some of them still work in coal mines but a lot of them are working in polar research centers. The center of town is small, but still it has some bars, shops and a few guest houses. After our arrival we are moving onto our home, the Ocean A sailboat.

We then will loosen anchor and head straight over the Isfjord. Our first skitour might be in the Isfjord only 1 hour by boat. After that we are travelling by boat along the west coast, depending on conditions and snow we will choose a different mountain every day. After the beginning of May the sun will be out for 24 hours on Spitzbergen. So we are not really depending on daytime with our skitouring. Often the evenings give a very special light with the sun shining very low above the horizon. After each day of skiing we return from the shoreline by a small boat back to our Arctica 2. By the time we get back on board a nice smell of freshly cooked dinner welcomes us, and with a glass of wine we talk about the adventures of the day one more time. On 12th of May we will leave our beloved sailing boat and fly back to Oslo, where you spend another night before flying home the next morning.

Information about the sailing boat

The Ocean A is special built sailing boat for arctic waters, with a total length of 22 meters. It is very comfortable, has 6 double cabins and a diesel heating system supplies enough heat for the cabins and the lounge to keep it cosy, even if it´s cold and harsh outside. We can also dry our boots and clothes in the heating room. Further there are hot shower on board as well as toilet facilities. In the kitchen our delicious meals will be prepared. Here you find some information about the boat Ocean A 


  • good experience in ski touring activities
  • good energy level for about 1500 meters of climbing per day
  • good skiing technique
  • good team spirit is also necessary, since we live quite close toghether

Our package includes the following

  • 8 days of guiding by Flory Kern or one of our approved team mountain guides (6 full skiing days and a possible first tour on the day of arrival)
  • 8 days boat guide by a very experienced arctic sailor
  • 7 overnights on the boat including full board
  • All nonalcoholic drinks
  • All permits for Spitzbergen

Not included is the following

  • Airtravel to Spitzbergen via Tromso by SAS from 550 Euro
  • 2 nights in an airporthotel in Oslo approx. 70 Eur (1 night getting there and maybe 1 night getting back)
  • Lunch (dried fruits, Energy Bars, Chocolate etc. )
  • Alcoholic Drinks


Regular ski touring equipment, different layers of clothing. The temperatures at this time of the year are between + 2° C and -10° C at shore line. On exposed summits it can go down to – 20° C. With your booking we will let you have a detailed packing list.

Information sources about Spitzbergen

Signing up for the trip

Please realize that on this trip the max number of clients will be 9 PAX, early booking is absolutely required.

Please note our travel conditions at www.flory-kern.de/agb.

Travel preparations

Please note the following three points after your booking:

A good or very good physical shape =>

A realistic self-assessment and an appropriate fitness level is required to join our trips. In order to enjoy long ski days you need to get in shape and train prior to the trip. A good fitness also reduces the risk of injury.

Information about the destination, vaccinations, health =>

Please keep yourself updated about the current (political) situation and country specific particularities of your destination. You can do so by checking the website of the ministry of foreign affairs of your own country.

Travel insurance =>

Please note that there is a potential risk of injury on a ski trip. When travelling abroad several travel insurances are imperative. Besides a travel cancellation insurance we highly recommend a travel health insurance as well as a travel accident insurance. These insurances need to cover potential costs for search and rescue operations and costs for hospital stays etc. It is your own responsibility to make sure you are covered accordingly.

For all of our trips that include a flight, a travel accident and travel health insurance that cover potential costs for search and rescue operations and medical costs (for example hospital stays) is mandatory. The insurance will be queried in our online registration form and we kindly ask you to fill in that information.

Appropriate insurance companies you can find in the internet. Please also check your credit card, eventually the according insurances are included.

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