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Corsica: mountain biking on the island of beauty

Mountainbike KorsikaMountainbike KorsikaMountainbike Korsika

Mountainbike KorsikaWe have used the hot month of July in order to explore the “Ile de Beaute”, the island of beauty, Corsica, for you by bike. We were surprised by the variety that the island has to offer. Between the high mountain ranges in the island’s interior to the dream-like beaches on east and west coast one can find dense chestnet forests as well as jagged rock formations. For mountain bikers the “Routes de Pompiers”, the routes of the firemen, are especially interesting. The trail through the interior of the island almost endlessly. Also the narrow mountain passes that wind their way through the Castagniccia for example, and are only sparsely used by motor cars, provide breathtaking views and the opportunity to experience Corsica far away from the tourist magnets. Up until now there are only very few mountain bikers on Corsica, but we think: Corsica has much to see and to offer, also for mountain bikers.Mountainbike KorsikaMountainbike KorsikaMountainbike Korsika