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Kamchatka “first hand” experience

Kamtschatka Heliskiing Kamtschatka Heliskiing Kamtschatka Heliskiing

Fotos: Simon Liddell & Eelco Jorritsma

First hand Kamchatka report by Simon Liddell, Kamchatka group 1:

“We arrived In Kamchatka excited, a little anxious and with images in our minds of skiing huge runs on volcanoes clad with powder snow. First class guides and one of Russia’s most experienced helicopter pilots set the scene for an unforgettable adventure. Nine days latter, our legs may have been aching but our spirits were on high, expectations exceeded.

The weather in Sakhalin changed dramatically while we were away and the spring melt is now well underway which is a lot earlier than usual. I hope the warmer weather brings a bit more snow for Flory and the other groups. Its really a first rate experience over there, living in the Russian far east its a real testament to Flory and your teams organisational and communication skills to make a trip fell so safe, relaxed and enjoyable. We are all talking about future trips.”

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