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Heliski Season 07 in Kamchatka a great success

_MG_4167-1.jpgBEN_2493.jpgBEN_1981.jpgBEN_2675.jpgBEN_2711.jpgBEN_3523.jpgkamchatka 2007 peter 004.jpgkamchatka 2007 peter 020.jpg

Once again the winter comes to an end. It was a winter that was not – at least in the beginning –  embossed with huge snow falls. Anyway, we had a good nose for the right spot. Flexibility and our vast experience set us apart from other operators once again. Trips to regions, where there was not enough snow, were rescheduled to another destination on short notice in order to offer our guests the best skiing experience possible.

Also our heliski season in Kamchatka, which ended on 14th of May, was a great success. Never before we had as many days with almost perfect snow conditions. During the 12 weeks on spot we were able to give proof of our long-time experience and offer the maximum  experience to our guests. For 2008 we will put up an interesting and varied travel program again and go into the 7th season in Kamchatka.

According to the motto “Endless Winter” our winter will keep going on even during the summer months. In the end of June we will take 12 of our guests on a pilot trip:  “Heliskiing in the Heavens”. In the second highest mountain range of the world, the Tien Shan in Kirgistan, there we will encounter best skiing conditions above 3,000 metres above sea level even in June and July. Runs going down 5,800 vertical metres might be possible. We are very much looking forward to this…

I would like to thank all the mountain guides, who have been supporting us during the last winter. Thanks a lot Wolfi, Bernd, Fedia, Lutz, Andi, Hugh and Simon!

And here you will get some impressions from the winter season 2007:

bvd_06_0110.jpgbvd_06_0634.jpgbvd_06_0456_1_.jpgbvd_06_0468_1_.jpgbvd_06_0513_1_.jpgbvd_06_1370.jpgbvd_06_1378.jpgbvd_06_1536_1_.jpgbvd_06_1651.jpgHugh Heliski 07 - 065.jpgHugh Heliski 07 - 069.jpgHugh Heliski 07 - 086.jpg

Even though currently most people are just thinking of summer, we are already planning the winter season 2008 with many interesting destinations. Among other trips we would like to open the skiing season 2008 in Canada, in a freeride area that will only be opened in November and where we will find runs leading us down for up to 1,800 vertical metres. The region will become North Americas Nr. 1 in altitude differences.