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Heliskiing Switzerland Muerren

Heliskiing Schweiz Petersgrat
Last not least it has worked out: our group of skiers and snowboarders went heliskiing in Muerren / Switzerland last week. With two flights, one to Aebnifluh and one to Petersgrat, they used the package to the full and did two great runs in the impressive landscape around Jungfrau, Moench and Eiger. But not only on Saturday but also on Sunday, the group had great fun skiing around the Schilthorn region, partly doing runs, that are only known to the locals. Many thanks to Stefan, our mountain guide, for this great weekend!
Heliskiing Schweiz PetersgratHeliskiing Schweiz PetersgratHeliskiing Schweiz Petersgrat

Heliskiing Schweiz Petersgrat