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A different season in Kamchatka


Yesterday we returned to Europe after 12 weeks of heliskiing in Kamchatka. The winter season 2008 was different from the ones during the seven years before. In the beginning of March we had one of the typical Kamchatka snow storms, that brought about two metres of fresh snow to Kamchatka. But after that the snow falls ceased and also the temperatures were much higher than usual. Absolutely no need to panic: in every mountain range in the world there are winter season with more or less snow. All in all we were able to let our guests experience Kamchatka and its mountains at their high. Again it was our year-long experience in the mountains of Kamchatka that set us apart and that made for great days out in the mountains for our guests. We would like to thank our mountain guides Bernd Adler, Wolfi Schmid, Matte Knaus, Lutz Fleck, Fedia Farberov and Valodia Lapadnik for an accident-free (lest unfortunately not injury-free) season. A special thanks also to our pilots Sascha Astrotin and Aleg Paschkov.

kamchatka Heliski

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Heliski Kamtschatka


A trip to the Kuril Islands: 3000 people live here way out of any other civilisation. They live off the fishing. The flight by helicopter from Petropavlovsk lasts two hours. During the winter months from October to the end of May you can find snow depths of up to 10 metres here.


During the rafting trip through the Kamchatka River some participants became rather wet…

Heliski Kamchatka