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December 2018: Russia – Skitouring Week Lushba/Altai Mountains



30.11. – 09.12.2018
07.12. – 16.12.2018

Price: 2090 Euro

Here you can see more photos of this trip
Here you can see a nice movie from our trip in december 2017

The Trans Siberian Railway crosses the Altai Mountains between Novokusnetzk and Abakan. The railway leads through wild and unspoiled mountain regions. Lushba, our destination, is a very small train station in the middle of nowhere. No cars, no airplanes or any other sort of transportation comes here: the only way is the train. Apart from that there are a couple of small houses, but that is pretty much it of civilization in Lushba. However, there is a lot of snow and a first class skitouring area. Winter usually starts in October in the Altai Mountains and until December you typically find around 3 meters of snow. In December 2017 we checked out the place and were absolutely amazed by the landscape, the possibilities and the great powder snow. And again in December 2018 we will be there again for 2 weeks.

09/02 – 16/02/2019: Spain – Val d’Aran: Skitouring in the Pyrenees

Attention 23.10.18: Due to the high demand we are opening a second group. We will try to accomodate this group also in the Hotel Mauberme, however this cannot be confirmed right now. Otherwise we will accomodate the second group in a comparable hotel nearby, such as the Hotel deth Pais.

Price: 2100 EUR

Turns and Tapas! In the spanish Pyrenees Val D’Aran is a very interesting destination for skiers with diverse possibilities. Next to very good infrastructure and sincere hospitality the region convinces with great tours. We find Spains biggest ski resort, numerous peaks between 2.200 and 3.000 meters and a remote and wild national park. This trip includes 6 skitouring days in different parts of the area. On bad weather days tours in the forests or a visit to the ski resort are possible. At the end of the skiing day it is almost compulsary to visit a Tapas bar and have a great and relaxing evening with good food. For everyone who is eager to explore an exotic skitouring destination Val d’Aran is a nice alternative to skitouring in the Alps.

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02/03 – 09/03/2019: Norway – Ski and Hike in the Sunmore Alps

IMG_5836 Sunmorealps_1 20170215-Norwegen - 1 von 865 (606)

Price: 1980 Euro

Here you can see some photos of the Sunmore Alps

Along the wild western coast of Norway hundreds and hundreds of mountains are rising into the sky and many of them are just made for skiers. Already 3 winters we have visited this fascinating region. We are stoked by the possibilities of skiing around these rugged peaks nestled between glaciers and fjords. If you are looking for a week full of skitouring and lift-supported freeriding, we are sure you will fall in love with the Sunmore Alps.

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17/03 – 24/03/2019: Norway – Lofoten

Attention! Travel dates and port of arrival have been changed on 02.10.18!

Price: 2290 EUR

Here you can watch more photos of this trip

The Gulf Stream brings in high amounts of snow to the wild and remote islands of the Lofoten. During the arctic winter it is usually very calm and it is not uncommon that you experience this fascinating landscape all by yourself. The ski tours are very diverse and of all levels of difficulty – most of them with views on the ocean! At Lofoten Ski Lodge we are welcomed with great hospitality and a lodge typical for Norway. After exciting tours we are able to fully recover and relax here.

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20/04 – 27/04/2019: Norway – Beyond Lyngen Alps

IMG_9709 IMG_9837TheEdge

Attention: change of accomodation on October 5th, 2018

Price: 2090 EUR

See nice pictures of our Lyngen Alps Skitouring trips here

Arnøya – the fifth largest island in Norway –  lies pleasantly away from the nowadays by ski toureres more visited areas around the Lyngen Fjord. Several times a day a ferry operates, primarily to ensure transports of freshly caught fish to the mainland. The area is sparsely populated and the largely treeless landscape is only visited by very few ski tourers. Mountains with heights of 700 to 1,100 meters are surrounded by coastal space and ocean. Almost everywhere you can mount your skins and start exceptional ski tours. Even in the late season, at the end of April and the beginning of May, you will find a very good snowcoverage and that allows to ski all the way back to the shore of the sea. Arnøya is a good choice for ski tourers who appreciate quietness and are happy with ascents of unknown, maybe not as high but therefore unspoiled, mountains.

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13/04 – 20/04/2019: Skitouring in the Beiarndalen

Beiarn map

Price: 1890 EUR

+ flight from central Europe to Bodo and back starting from 550 EUR

Once again we did discover a new skitouring area in northern Norway: our friends Helga and Stein, who are the skippers of the boat we use in Spitsbergen, did open up a nice skitouring lodge near Bodo, in the valley of Beiarndalen. This region still is totally unknown, but offers amazing and wonderful alpine scenery. If you would like to to climbs unknown peaks in total solitude in the high north of Norway, this trip is the one to join.

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27/04 – 04/05/2019: Norway – Skitouring and cityflair in Tromsø


Price: 2290 EUR

See nice pictures of our Lyngen Alps Skitouring trips here

There are many good reasons to spend a week skitouring out of the most northern city of Tromso. The city, which now has over 75,000 inhabitants, is located at 69° north latitude, directly on the sea. In the nearest surrounding islands there are hundreds of peaks, which are just perfect for ski touring. In other words, nowhere else in the north of Norway there is such a variety and choice for ski touring. The nice thing about a touring week in Tromsø is that you can enjoy the flair of the city. Neverending daylight stimulates to stroll around, to visit cafes or museums and to mingle with the people in the evening. To some other guests in the stylish hotel we might look a bit strange leaving in the early morning with our skis on our backs. In summary, this trip will appeal to those ski tourers who are interested in great skitouring straight out of a city and enjoy very good cusine as well as some evening entertainment. All the ski tours that we reach are rich in variety with stunning views into fjords and open sea.

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April/ May 2019: Norway – Lyngen Fjord Skitouring above the polar circle

Lyngen 1: 13.04. – 20.04.2019
Lyngen 2: 20.04. – 27.04.2019
Lyngen 3: 27.04. – 04.05.2019

Price: 1,790 EUR

+ flight from central Europe to Tromso starting from 450 EUR

See nice pictures of our Lyngen Skitouring trips here

Our Lyngen Alps Skitouring week above the polar circle in Norway will offer you some of the finest ski touring in Northern Europe. Already for more than 14 years every winter we return to this fascinating place. Our targets in your week will be to climb and ski stunning peaks all around the Lyngen Fjord. In this week we will make a base in Rotsund, it is situated on the northeastern shore of the Fjord and gives perfect access to most of the attractive peaks in the area. In this week we will offer you some of the finest skiing with spectacular views. 

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March/ April 2019: Iceland – Skitouring and Ride Experience

Iceland 1: 23.03. – 30.03.2019
Iceland 2: 30.03. – 06.04.2019
Iceland 3: 06.04. – 13.04.2019
Iceland 4: 13.04. –  20.04.2019

Attention: change of the included travel services on September 26th, 2018.

Price: 1950 Euro

You can find some photos of Iceland in our gallery.

Iceland, a place where fire and ice is closer together than almost nowhere else on earth. The northern coastline of Iceland is dominated by many deep fjords surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. In our week we will pick the prime spot, the Troll Peninsula.
The possibilities for great skitouring around here seem to be almost endless. Our base will be near the cozy fishing village of Siglufjörður in a very nice lodge. From here we have access to 3 different mountain ranges that we can chose from every day, depending on weather and snow conditions. The partly nameless mountain peaks of this area are in a range of height between 900 and 1400 meters. The variety of runs allows us to ski the best snow. In April we still enjoy great powder snow on northern aspects while we ski spring corn snow on the southern aspects. After an unforgettable ski day, we take a soak in one of the many natural hot springs to relax our muscles to be ready again for the next day. If you are keen to get to know an outstanding landscape and to ski some incredible runs right down to the fjord, we are sure you will have a great time with us on this trip.

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04/05 – 12/05/2019: Spitzbergen – Arctic Ski and Sail

_KH81893_KH81731 - Arbeitskopie 2_KH81484

Price 3990 Euro

The exact travel dates can vary 1-2 days before and after due to flight plan changes!

Here you can find photos of our trip

With the Ski and Sail trip to Spitzbergen we will offer you a trip of a lifetime. Only a few people so far had the chance to discover some of the greatest mountains of Spitzbergen on skis. Our base will be the Arctica 2, a sailing boat built in 2003 and especially designed for arctic waters. With the Ocean A we will reach spectacular mountains in the Atomfjella or in Jarlbergland along the fjord dominated west coast of Spitzbergen.

Every day we look for a new summit to climb and ski, most of them do not even have names, but they all have the shape of an ideal ski mountain. In this week we travel and we ski in an area where humans have not left any foot prints yet. Looming glaciers push deep into the ocean and in between are hundreds of beautiful mountains with a maximum height of about 1400 meters. If you look for an ultimate experience and the combination of sailing and skiing is appealing to you, our arctic ski and sail trip will be something extraordinary.

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Open Date: Antarctic – Sail and Ski


Here you can find more pictures of this trip

Price: give us a call for more information

In November 2016 we took the challenge of crossing Drake Passage on a sailing boat to go skitouring in the Antarctic. We do not have a date for a second journey yet, however we want to offer this trip again in the future.

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17/03 – 22/03/2019: Alps – Ride Along Oberstdorf – Lenzerheide 1

P1010386 P1010294 P1010316

Price: 1190EUR

“Ride Along” that is our Freeride traverse from Oberstdorf to Lenzerheide. On this unforgetable traverse we cover a lot of ground and will get to know the best runs of the Freeride-spots on the way. Thanks to a well planned route and the usage of cable cars we will go down much more than up. If you are up to get to know a lot of different places in just 1 week and are keen to skin up 500 height meters per day, we are sure our “Ride Along” will be an incredible experience for you.

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24/03 – 29/03/2019: Alps – Ride Along Oberstdorf – Lenzerheide 2

P1010386 P1010294 P1010316

Price: 1190EUR

“Ride Along” that is our Freeride traverse from Oberstdorf to Lenzerheide. On this unforgetable traverse we cover a lot of ground and will get to know the best runs of the Freeride-spots on the way. Thanks to a well planned route and the usage of cable cars we will go down much more than up. If you are up to get to know a lot of different places in just 1 week and are keen to skin up 500 height meters per day, we are sure our “Ride Along” will be an incredible experience for you.

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