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January/February 2019: Georgia – Khulo Valley Heliskiing

Khulo 1: 26.01. – 02.02.2019
Khulo 2: 02.02. – 09.02.2019

Changes in schedule are reserved, travel dates Saturday to Saturday

Here you can find some photos of this trip

Price: 6400 Euro

Since a couple of years we visit the region with the most snowfalls every winter at the edge of Europe. After a scouting trip 2 years ago, last winter we were running our first regular Heliski trip in this magnificient mountain range. We came back completly stoked and amazed: we were able to ski more than 70 first descent in great powder with our groups! Now after our first trip we also can confirm from first hand experience that it snows up to 20 meters in this region. Intensive low pressure Systems build up over the Black Sea and result in massive snowfalls in the mountains of the Lower Caucasus. The peaks here reach up to more than 3000 meters and ideal skiing terrain in a pristine and mostly untouched mountain range awaits you. Normally the mountains are deeply covered in snow since the beginning of November and due to favorable climate conditions we usually find a solid snow cover. You will be surprised about the diversity of this magnificent region at the edge of Europe.

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February / March/ April 2019: Georgia – Heliskiing Svanetia Coucasus

Heliski TürkeiHeliski Svanetia 3

Svan 1: 16.02. – 23.02.2019
Svan 2: 23.02. – 02.03.2019
Svan 3: 02.03. – 09.03.2019
Svan 4: 09.03. – 16.03.2019
Svan 5: 16.03. – 23.03.2019
Svan 6: 23.03. – 30.03.2019
Svan 7: 30.03. – 06.04.2019
Svan 8: 06.04. – 13.04.2019

Changes in schedule are reserved, travel dates Saturday to Saturday

Price: 6800 Euro

ATTENTION: Change of the hotel on November 13rd, 2018

Here you can find some pictures of this trip

Dear Skiers and Snowboarders,

welcome to one of the best Heliski spots!

Dive into the winter wonder world of the great Coucasus and experience a ski adventure of your life time! Finest powder snow, untouched slopes and amazing descents are waiting for you. Simply thinking about skiing there makes our hearts beating quicker.

We are always in search for new and great Heliski destinations all around the globe. Now in 2019 we will go into our sixth season in the incredible mountains of Svanetia. This is skiing at its best inbetween the highest peaks of Europe, rising more than 5000 meters into the sky. 1800 square kilometers of stunning skiing terrain is just ours. In my touring book of the last 7 years you can find more than 140 different runs. While we still ski dry and deep powder on the more than 30 kilometer long Layla Range, best spring corn can be skied on the almost endless runs below the looming peak of Ushba. It´s not a big surprise that this amazing spot has become the setting for some great ski movies recently. Just last year we produced the movie “Ushba” there with the currently world best freeriders.

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February/ March 2019: Italy – Heliski Lombardia

Heliski Val Malenco Heliski Valemalenco Heliski_Lombardia

Lombaheli 1: 22.02. – 26.02.2019
Lombaheli 2: 26.02. – 02.03.2019
Lombaheli 3: 02.03. – 06.03.2019

Price: 3090 Euro

Here you can see some photos of one of the best Heliski Spots of the Alps

Here you can see a nice film about our Heliski Trips in Valtellina

Heliskiing Lombardia… almost hard to believe, but also in the Alps we still have some very nice places for Heliskiing. Since many years we really appreciate coming to the Valtellina in northern Italy. Valtellina is one of the longest valleys in the Alps and stretches from Lago di Como to the west to the Ortler to the east. Many of its side valleys to the north border with Switzerland. In many of those Valleys, we find very nice possibilities to reach some of the finest runs by Helicopter. This spot is a real alternative for Heliskiing to a lot of destinations far away abroad.


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06/03 – 10/03/2019: Italy – Upper Valtellina

Price: 2990 Euro

Already for 2 winters, we enjoy great Heliskiing in the upper Valtellina. With Valleys to the north towards Cima Piazzi we find very nice runs at all levels of steepness, just a few flight minutes away from our base. In the evenings we enjoy great local specialties. If you want to explore something very unique in the Alps, this trip will be the ultimate.

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24/04 – 01/05/2019: Sweden – Polar Heliski Camp

Polar Heliski Camp 2017_1 Polar Heliski Camp Schweden Polar Heliski Camp Schweden

Changes in schedule are reserved.

Price: 6400 EUR

Here you can see more photos of this trip

At the end of April, when springtime has arrived in central Europe already, 300 kilometers north of the Polar Circle at the highest mountains of Sweden winter still remains. The conditions are just inviting up there at this time of the year. Quietness and long days will make your stay just unforgettable. If you want to put down a highlight towards the end of you winter our Polar Heliski Camp will be the ideal opportunity.

Some good reasons why to Heliski with us in Sweden:

  • A Heliski area of more than 3.000 square kilometers
  • Easy access from central Europe
  • Perfect logistics with short travels from Kiruna to the lodge
  • Cosy lodge in spectacular setting
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Skiing in small and exclusive groups of max. 4 clients per guide and a maximum of 12 clients per week.
  • Incredible landscape and runs
  • Private helicopter located in front of the door

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