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February/ March 2019: Italy – Heliski Lombardia

Heliski Val Malenco Heliski Valemalenco Heliski_Lombardia

Lombaheli 1: 22.02. – 26.02.2019
Lombaheli 2: 26.02. – 02.03.2019
Lombaheli 3: 02.03. – 06.03.2019

Price: 3090 Euro

Here you can see some photos of one of the best Heliski Spots of the Alps

Here you can see a nice film about our Heliski Trips in Valtellina

Heliskiing Lombardia… almost hard to believe, but also in the Alps we still have some very nice places for Heliskiing. Since many years we really appreciate coming to the Valtellina in northern Italy. Valtellina is one of the longest valleys in the Alps and stretches from Lago di Como to the west to the Ortler to the east. Many of its side valleys to the north border with Switzerland. In many of those Valleys, we find very nice possibilities to reach some of the finest runs by Helicopter. This spot is a real alternative for Heliskiing to a lot of destinations far away abroad.


How a Heliskitrip in Lombardia will run for you

After your arrival at the very nice Hotel Casa dei Baff in the township of Ardenno right in the valley floor of Valtellina we will make you comfortable with your heliski trip. The next morning after a safety briefing at the helicopter we will take off right away. Depending on snow and weather conditions we decide each day in which area we will fly to. To be efficient with our helicopter flight time, some days we might use the car and drive a maximum of 30 minutes into a side valley to take off from there. A lot of our areas are reachable by helicopter within less than 8 minutes right from the helicopter base, that is situated only 5 minutes away from the hotel. If the weather or snow does not allow heliskiing we are able to reach some very unknown ski areas called Pescegallo or Prato Valentino in about 30 minutes drive. After a day full of impressions we return to our hotel, relax and enjoy the great cuisine of Valtellina.


Very good skiing technique in all snow conditions is mandatory.

Bad weather days / downdays

On non flying days or days where the avalanche situation does not allow heliskiing, we have the possibility to ski in the very nice ski area of Pescegallo or Prato Valentino about 30 minutes away by car.

In our package of 3090 Euro the following is included

  • 4 overnights with half board based on doubles
  • 4 days of accompaniment and guiding by an UIAGM Mountain and Ski guide in a ratio of 1 to 4 clients with a max. of 3 groups
  • 11 hours of helicopter flight time (with 12 clients) between 20 and 25 rides
  • All flight permits, kerosene and cost belonging to the flight operation
  • Scott Alpride Airbag System for rent
  • Safety equipment: Avalanche device, shovel, probe (needs to be announced 30 days before the trip in the office)

Not included in the package is

  • Travel to the spot
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Extra helicopter hours (with 12 clients 190 Euro per flight hour)
  • Single room surcharge 40 Euro per night

Helicopter flight hours guarantee

If weather, snow and/or avalanche situation do not allow to use up the included flying hours, we will reimburse you with 130 Euro per non used flight hour. The difference between reimbursed hours and extra hours is occurred by the stand by of the Helicopter.


We use a very well known Helicopter company that is localy based. The pilot team has extensive experience in Heliskiing as well as mountain flying. They all have proved outstanding skills over the last 5 winters. The helicopter we use is a AS 350, one of the most used helicopters for Heliskiing worldwide. It gives space for 1 guide and 4 clients.

Our hotel

From winter 2019 we will stay directly in the valley floor of Valtellina, just 5 minutes away from the base of the helicopters. The place is called Le Case dei Baff and it is an agrotourismmo hotel. Most of the products served are homemade. In a huge cellar they dry and ripe tasty Bresoulas (a local kind of sausage). Each year 9000 bottles of nice red wine are produced only for the use in their restaurant. Walking into the traditional restaurant a nice smell of freshly cooked food welcomes you. We are sure you will feel very comfortable staying with family Cerasa at their estate.

How to sign up for a trip to Lombardia

The minimum number of clients for this trip is 8 pax, the maximum 12 pax. Due to the fact that there is only a limited amount of seats, it is necessary to sign up as early as possible. Please fill in our online registration form. As soon as you have done that, you will receive your personal travel documents in the next couple of days.

Please take knowledge of our general terms and conditions.

Travel preparations

Please note the following three points after your booking:

A good or very good physical shape =>

A realistic self-assessment and an appropriate fitness level is required to join our trips. In order to enjoy long ski days you need to get in shape and train prior to the trip. A good fitness also reduces the risk of injury.

Information about the destination, vaccinations, health =>

Please keep yourself updated about the current (political) situation and country specific particularities of your destination. You can do so by checking the website of the ministry of foreign affairs of your own country.

Travel insurance =>

Please note that there is a potential risk of injury on a ski trip. When travelling abroad several travel insurances are imperative. Besides a travel cancellation insurance we highly recommend a travel health insurance as well as a travel accident insurance. These insurances need to cover potential costs for search and rescue operations and costs for hospital stays etc. It is your own responsibility to make sure you are covered accordingly.

For all of our trips that include a flight, a travel accident and travel health insurance that cover potential costs for search and rescue operations and medical costs (for example hospital stays) is mandatory. The insurance will be queried in our online registration form and we kindly ask you to fill in that information.

Appropriate insurance companies you can find in the internet. Please also check your credit card, eventually the according insurances are included.


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