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February 2019: Kosovo Free Mountain Week

Kosovo 1: 09.02. – 16.02.2019
Kosovo 2: 16.02. – 23.02.2019

Price: 1690 EUR

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We love to break into exotic realms to go skiing. In 2017 we discovered the small town Brezovica during a reconnaissance trip in the Balkans. Tucked away in a valley of the Dinaric Alps, the development of modern ski tourism did not take place there yet. The once built lifts seem nostalgic and with smiles you use the three still functioning facilities to get into the spectacular terrain on the mountain. Arrived at the mountain station follows a nearly one-hour ascent with skins to the highest point at over 2,600 m above sea level. The difference in altitude down to the valley is more than 1,000 meters. Between Macedonia in the south and Kosovo in the north, this is a place that offers great opportunities for freeriders. On one day of the week we use a snowcat to get into the surrounding area without having to climb. Optionally, further trips with the “Cat” can be organized on site. We appreciate riding in Brezovica far away from well-known destinations. Long and spectacular runs and also the snow quality in the last two winters have convinced us to return and to offer this trip again.

Trip process

From central Europe we fly to Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. After a 1 hour drive in a minibus we reach our destination Brezovica. Our hotel is located directly next to the lifts, where we spend the next 6 days in the Dinaric Alps. With the help of the lifts, a snowcat and skins we are able to reach the greatest runs of this beautiful region. Even though it is only a 1-hour flight to Kosovo from central Europe, not a lot of freeriders have found this spot so far. Making first tracks is quite common! On the following Friday after skiing we drive back to Pristina, where we spend the night in a hotel. The next morning our plane back to central Europe departs.


This is not a typical standard trip, so flexibility and spontaneity are important requirements. It could happen that the lifts are not running due to a power blackout or that we have dinner with candle light. Ascents of up to 1.30 hours should not be a problem for you. Also, you should have a safe and good skiing technique in all snow conditions.

Weather and conditions

Even though Kosovo is further to the South than the Alps, the temperatures in the winter months are similar. From November on it starts to snow down to lower altitudes. In higher altitudes between 1600 and 2600 meters, you usually find a snow layer of up to 3 meters. Days with snowfall are common in Kosovo.

Our hotel

Ski in, ski out – the Hotel Woodland, which is located directly on the lift, was partially rebuilt in summer 2017 and offers simple and clean accommodation. Unfortunately smoking is taking place in many places in Kosovo, which can sometimes lead to unpleasant odors (example: a smoking guest in the breakfast area). Regardless of the good commitment of the owners be prepared that for example it might happen that we have a break down of electricity and we eat our dinner with candlelight. In the evening we go to various small restaurants, the selection of food is large and includes pizzas and tasty local dishes.

The service package of 1690 Euro includes

  • 7 overnights with breakfast (6 nights in Brezovica and 1 night in Pristina)
  • 7 days accompaniment by an UIAGM mountain and skiing guide of the Flory Kern team
  • 6 skiing days with one UIAGM mountain and skiing guide of the Flory Kern team
  • Transfer from Pristina to Brezovica and back
  • 1 day of catskiing

Extra costs

  • Return flight from central Europe to Pristina (from 160 Euro)
  • Dinner from 6 Euro per day
  • Drinks
  • Single room supplement 40 Euro per night
  • Additional days of catskiing from 280 per person per day

Number of clients

In order to operate fast and flexible on the mountain, we will restrict the number of participants to max. 8. The minimum number of participants is 5.

Please note our travel conditions at www.flory-kern.de/agb.

Travel preparations

Please note the following three points after your booking:

A good or very good physical shape =>

A realistic self-assessment and an appropriate fitness level is required to join our trips. In order to enjoy long ski days you need to get in shape and train prior to the trip. A good fitness also reduces the risk of injury.

Information about the destination, vaccinations, health =>

Please keep yourself updated about the current (political) situation and country specific particularities of your destination. You can do so by checking the website of the ministry of foreign affairs of your own country.

Travel insurance =>

Please note that there is a potential risk of injury on a ski trip. When travelling abroad several travel insurances are imperative. Besides a travel cancellation insurance we highly recommend a travel health insurance as well as a travel accident insurance. These insurances need to cover potential costs for search and rescue operations and costs for hospital stays etc. It is your own responsibility to make sure you are covered accordingly.

For all of our trips that include a flight, a travel accident and travel health insurance that cover potential costs for search and rescue operations and medical costs (for example hospital stays) is mandatory. The insurance will be queried in our online registration form and we kindly ask you to fill in that information.

Appropriate insurance companies you can find in the internet. Please also check your credit card, eventually the according insurances are included.

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