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Klaus Fengler

Klaus Fengler

For more than 20 years now Klaus has been enthusiastic about mountaineering. He has made himself a name as a professional outdoor and mountain fotographer internationally. And if, at times, he is not travelling through Patagonia, I really enjoy being away with him. I very much appreciate his fotographic skills and his professional attitude.


Yorick Carroux

Yorick Carroux

Sometimes he is in Whistler, Canada, and sometimes back here in Germany. He knows the freeriding scene like the back of his hand and whenever there is some action going on, he will be on the spot. We spent many great days out in the snow together and produced a heap of excellent pictures.


Ben Wiesenfahrth

Ben Wiesenfarth

Ben likes everything that’s fun. He feels comfortable with the kite in the mountains but also on skis. Ben is characterised by a very good intuition for the right moment in order to produce great pictures.


Tobias Hauser

Tobias Hauser

As a fotographer, author and abstractor, specialising in Cuba and New Zealand, Tobias is well-known in many countries of the world. We have been to New Zealand together and did some great skiing in the Mount Cook Region. Some of the pictures are included in his new book “New Zealand Paradise at the End of the World”.


Bernie van Dierendonck

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I know Bernie for many years already and appreciate him a lot. Not only as an excellent fotographer and journalist, but also as a friend and mountain guide colleague. Last March Bernie went on a heliski trip to Kamchatka with us and produced great pictures during the week.