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Japan - Hokkaido By Fair Means

A ski touring trip to some of the most beautiful and remote peaks of Hokkaido. In this week we will get to discover powder in some of the lesser known locations. We’ll head from the highest peaks of Ashai-dake at the centre of the island to the Shiretoko Peninsula, which protrudes into the drift-ice filled Okhotsk Sea.

Price: 2400 EUR

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This Trip Depends on…

Our specific program will be dependent on the weather, but we do have a basic itinerary. After arriving at Chitose Airport, we will take a three hour drive into the heart of Hokkaido to the hot springs of Tokatshe-Dake and to our lodge, which has a magnificent touring area out back. After two days of touring, we will continue on to the Shiretoko Peninsula, located in the northeast of the island. This peninsula is 70 km long and only 14 km wide, with the highest peaks being over 1600 m high, from which you can glimpse down onto the drift-ice covered Okhotsk Sea in the east, or even to the Pacific Ocean in the west.

Our base will be in the small fishing village of Rausu. After a typical Japanese breakfast we will be fuelled and ready to head to the peaks of our choice. Three days later, we’ll have a change of scenery and go to the northeast side of the peninsula, to Shari, home of the magnificent volcano Shari-Dake. On the last day of this eventful week, it will be time to hit the road and head back to Chitose. To raise our sprits again after a long, seven-hour drive, we will visit a lovely onsen (hot spring) in Asahikawa. The following morning, we will fly back to central Europe.

Character of this Trip

We’ve been exploring the mountainous regions of Japan for 15 years now and for a long time we’ve been considering a ski touring trip in this land of the rising run. 2020 will be the year. We’ve carefully put together a program that includes some of the most beautiful touring destinations and we’re excited to share these with you. As our program is based on weather and snow conditions, our exact itinerary may be subject to change at short notice.

This is a trip for those wanting an adventure and to experience the Japanese culture up and close. We will be spending nights in simple Japanese hotels and the cuisine will be 100% Japanese. We will be exploring regions that are rarely visited by tourists.

The Most Important Details at a Glance

Requirements and Skiing Equipment

  • Good physical fitness and condition for ski touring up to 1500 metres
  • Tolerance of long days in the mountains, even in wind and snow
  • A good skiing technique in all types of terrain
  • You will receive an exhaustive packing list from us before the trip

Number of Participants

The minimum number of participants is 5, maximum 8.

Included in the Price of 2400 EUR

  • 8 overnight stay with breakfast
  • 8 days accompanied by a UIAGM certified mountain guide
  • 7 days of skiing with a UIAGM certified mountain guide
  • All transfers from Chitose Airport 
  • Road tolls

Not Included

  • Flight from central Europe to Chitose Airport (around 800 EUR)
  • Beverages
  • Midday and evening meals
  • Entrance to the hot springs

Travel Preparations

Meeting Requirements and Fitness Level

A realistic self-assessment and an appropriate fitness level is required to join our trips. In order to enjoy a long day of skiing and to reduce the risk of injury, it is important to get in shape and possess a good level of fitness.

Travel Requirements

Germans, Austrian and Swiss citizens only require a valid passport for the duration of the trip. A visa is not required.

Current Country-Specific Information, Vaccines and Health

Please contact your own ministry of foreign affairs for current information about your destination.



Travel Insurance

Please note that there is a potential risk of injury on skiing trips. In addition to travel cancellation insurance, comprehensive medical and accident insurance that cover the costs of search and rescue, as well as transport costs, are imperative. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are insured before departure.

Comprehensive medical and accident insurance that covers potential costs of search and rescue operations as well as any medical costs is mandatory for all of our trips abroad.

It is required that you state this information during registration in our registration form in order to ensure 24h emergency assistance. 

Links to Insurance Companies:

Please also check your credit card policies as it is possible that these already include insurance.


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