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Italy – Heliskiing Valtellina

For many years we’ve been wowing guests with these wonderful runs and warm Italian hospitality.

Price: 3700 EUR

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A huge amount of exciting runs await you!

Heliskiing in Valtellina/Italy? Who would have thought that there are still some alluring spots in the Alps for heliskiing. For many years we’ve very much appreciated the beauty that Valtellina in northern Italy has to offer. Valtellina is one of the longest valleys in the alps, stretching from Lago di Como in the west and to the Ortler mountains in the east. Many of its side valleys in the north form a border to the Bernina Range and Switzerland. It is here in these valleys that we find some of the most spectacular runs, which we can easily and quickly reach by helicopter.

Valtellina proves that you don’t have to travel far to find a perfect heliskiing location. Being able to drive to the spot by car, and knowing that amazing terrain as well as the finest Valtellinian cuisine awaits you are just some of the comforts and highlights that this experience has to offer.

9 Good Reasons to Heliski in Valtellina

  • Local helicopter company with pilots who fly constantly in this area
  • Best terrain with short approach times
  • Local lead guide who knows the conditions very well
  • Several ski resorts within 1 hour on Downdays
  • Small, exclusive groups with 1 mountain guide for 4 participants
  • High security standards
  • Many years of heliskiing experience in this area
  • Authentic hotel with excellent cuisine
  • Accommodation just 5 minutes from the heli base


After arriving at the beautiful Hotel le Case dei Baff, you will be given a briefing of the heliskiing program and protocol to ensure that you are all set for the next days. Snow and weather conditions will dictate the location for the day. So that our flying time can be efficiently put to use on the days that we need it, we may choose to travel 30 minutes by car to one of the side valleys on other days. Many of our skiing locations are accessible by means of a short flight from our base, which is situated five minutes away from the hotel.

On days when weather or snow does not permit flying, we are able to check out some of the skiing areas that are close by – Pescegallo and Prato Valentino are two of our favourite secret spots. After an eventful day we will return to the hotel, where we can enjoy what the exquisite Valtellinian cuisine has to offer. After four days of skiing, it will be time to set off on the journey home.

Heliskiing Valtellina

Information about the Region

The Valtelina stretches between the north end of Lake Como and Bormio. The side valleys in which we go heliskiing are in the front part of the main valley. They, in turn, extend northwards and reach the Swiss border in Bergell and the Bernina Group at the end of the valley.

Our Hotel

We are located in Valtellina, just 5 minutes from the helicopter base, at the Hotel le Case dei Baff. The Case dei Baff is an agrotourism hotel. Most of the products served are home-made. The drying cellar in which the most delicious bresaolas dry and mature is remarkable. Annually, 9000 bottles of the finest red wine are produced from the own vines. As soon as you enter the stylishly furnished restaurant, you can smell the finest cuisine. We will definitely feel very comfortable on this property with the Cerasa family.

Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are our absolute priority. Although we always aim to provide the best experience for our guests, we will never do so by compromising their safety. Any risks that can be influenced are kept thoroughly within our control. As with any activity in high alpine regions, including heliskiing, there are also risks that are beyond our control. You should be aware that we are not exempt from these risks when skiing in remote places in the mountains. We have developed our own rescue protocol. A group consists of a maximum of four guests and one guide. We will generally be out with three groups at a time. The groups will follow a rotating system, meaning that the other groups with their guides are never far off in an emergency. We additionally equip ourselves with first-aid material and rescue equipment, and possess the necessary expertise and practice for its use.

Helicopter and Pilots

We use a very renowned helicopter company from Valtelina. Our pilots Teo and Tedy have proven many times that they are absolute professionals who can fly to all landing sites precisely and extremely safely. As in other heliski areas, we use a Eurocopter AS 350, which is ideal for heliskiing at these altitudes and offers space for 4 guests plus 1 mountain guide.

Runs and Terrain

The descents range from the gently sloping runs above Torre di Santa Maria to steep alpine runs. We also have a choice when it comes to the exposure, while the runs on the Sasso Entova are more south-facing, we also have runs with north exposures in many small side valleys.

Requirements for Guests

For this trip you should have a solid skiing technique in every terrain and snow type. Condition and stamina are also required on the sometimes long descents. This destination is clearly reserved for advanced and experienced off-piste skiers/freeriders. Flory Kern – Ski Berge Abenteuer – can refuse individuals the right to participate if they hold up the group, pose a danger, or show conditional weaknesses. In such cases, these individuals may be flown back to the base during the day.

Skiing Equipment

Freeride skiing equipment (min. 100mm under the binding) and safety equipment (shovel, probe, avalanche beacon, and airbag backpack) are compulsory. Safety equipment, including a Scott Alpride avalanche backpack, can be hired from us free of charge. A helmet is recommended. A detailed packing list will be provided approximately 30 days prior to departure. Each participant is responsible for his gear being in good and working order. 


Of course we also prefer to ski in deep powder when the sun is shining. But in order to get this, we also need favorable precipitation rates. In the Valtellina days with snowfall are just as much a part of winter as sunny days.


Despite many favorable circumstances, heliskiing in Valtellina also depends to a large extent on weather, snow and avalanche conditions. The situation on the mountain is characterized by forces of nature over which we have no influence and about which it is sometimes almost impossible to make reliable statements. Therefore, this sport is not always perfect and you should prepare accordingly. No one can say in advance what weather and conditions you can expect during your stay.

Bad Weather Days / Downdays

As with all heliski destinations, there are also days that can have very heavy snowfall or thick cloud coverage. In some cases, this could lead to unsafe flying conditions and the risk of flying would disproportionately outweigh any benefits. For such days, there are several ski areas within a 1-hour radius, so we don't have to go without skiing. A wine tasting in one of the numerous wineries is also a nice alternative.

Flying Time and Vertical Meters

We want to provide 'a destination for riders, from riders’. That’s why we’ve even adapted our whole philosophy of flying time and vertical metres to this line of thinking. We aim to offer you the best possible skiing experience that our package can provide. Our package includes 11 hours of flying per week (with 12 guests), which is approximately 20-25 runs. If we exceed this limit, we can continue flying at the price of 2280 EUR per hour, which will be divided by the number of clients flying.

Should external conditions, weather, snow conditions and/or avalanche situation endanger heliskiing or make it impossible, we will reimburse all flight hours not flown rounded up to the full hour in the amount of 130 Euros. The difference between the refunded flight hour and the additional flight hour is calculated by providing the helicopter.

Number of Guests and Exclusivity

We want to offer an exclusive heliskiing experience, away from mass tourism, in the spectacular mountains of the Khulo Valley. Our trips are therefore ‘semi-private’ and only open to 12 guests a week per helicopter. The clients are divided into three groups, which follow a rotating system. This means that waiting times and delays rarely occur. Each group of four guests will be accompanied by one guide, who knows the terrain very well.

The Mountain Guiding Team 2023

Ivan and Christl have been a well-established team on this trip for many years. Ivan lives in Valtellina and knows the current conditions on site like no other thanks to numerous guided tours over the winter. The two are supplemented by another mountain guide from our team.

The Most Important Details at a Glance

Requirements and Skiing Equipment

 A good skiing technique in all terrains and snow conditions is necessary. We also recommendfreeride skiing equipment (min. 95mm under the binding).

Bad Weather Days / Down Days

Should unfavourable conditions or the risk of avalanches not permit flying, we will be able to reach the skiing resorts Pescegallo and Prato Valentino within 45 minutes. After skiing we would also have the possibility of attending a wine tasting at one of the local vineyards. Our friend and local Mountain Guide Ivan Pegorari will surely always have a hint for some exciting attractions in the valley.

Outward journey

The access from the north to the Valtellina is a bit more difficult in winter time. In order to get to Ardenno, where our hotel is located, you need need to drive either via St. Moritz and the Maloja pass or through the Gotthard tunnel via Lugano and lake Como to Ardenno.

Nearest airport is Milan Malpensa.

Group size

The minimum number of clients for this trip is 8 pax, the maximum 12 pax.

Included in the Price of 3700 EUR

  • 4 nights in the Hotel le Case dei Baff. Double room with half board 
  • 4 days accompanied by a UIAGM certified mountain guide
  • 1 UIAGM certified mountain guide to 4 clients and max. 3 groups
  • 11 hours of flight time (with 12 clients) and approximately 20 to 25 runs
  • All necessary flight and border permits for the heliski operation
  • The hire of safety equipment (Scott Alpride avalanche airbag system, avalanche beacon, shovel, probe, Scott Alpride avalanche airbag system) 

Not Included

  • Outward journey
  • Lunch and beverages 
  • Additional flight hours (190 EUR per hour per person)
  • 40 EUR surcharge for single rooms

Travel Preparations

Meeting Requirements and Fitness Level

A realistic self-assessment and an appropriate fitness level is required to join our trips. In order to enjoy a long day of skiing and to reduce the risk of injury, it is important to get in shape and possess a good level of fitness.

Current Country-Specific Information, Vaccines and Health

Please contact your own ministry of foreign affairs for current information about your destination.


Travel Insurance

Please note that there is a potential risk of injury on skiing trips. In addition to travel cancellation insurance, comprehensive medical and accident insurance that cover the costs of search and rescue, as well as transport costs, are imperative. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are insured before departure.

Comprehensive medical and accident insurance that covers potential costs of search and rescue operations as well as any medical costs is mandatory for all of our trips abroad.

It is required that you state this information during registration in our registration form in order to ensure 24h emergency assistance. 

Links to Insurance Companies:

Please also check your credit card policies as it is possible that these already include insurance.


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