Lodging & Hotels

Do I have Wifi or mobil phone connection at the hotel/lodge?

In Central European and Scandinavian countries we have almost always good mobile phone reception and a fast Internet connection. In our more exotic destinations, we have to deal with poor reception and a not always very stable internet connection.


Can I charge my electronic devices in the hotel?

Please double check beforehand if the plugs of your country are fitting into the sockets of your country of destination. You can do so for example here.

Can I book a single room and what are the costs?

In most of our hotels and lodges it is possible to book a single room. Usually it is a surcharge of 40 Euro per night, in some cases even higher. This information you can find in the description of the journey.

What if I am vegetarian or vegan?

In Central Europe and Scandinavia most of the hotels offer vegetarian food and vegan food is getting more common as well. Most of them are also familiar with food intolerances. It is important that you let us know beforehand if you do have special food requirements. 
In regions abroad, especially towards the east vegetarian and vegan cuisine is not widely spread or not available at all.