Skis & Gear

Reliable equipment is an important factor for carefree skiing fun. Here are the most important questions and answers towards this topic. Just in time before the start of the journey, you will receive a complete list of equipment.

What includes the safety gear?

The emergency equipment contains an avalanche beacon an avalanche shovel and a probe. This is the standard for any skiing off piste.

Avalanche beacon
3 Antennas 
options for multiple buries
ok batteries min. 80%

Shovel and blade in aluminum 
Extendable shaft
Shovel blade in adequate size

Length 240 cm 
No ultralight products
Easy to open up with simple locking system

Further we recommend to carry a small bivi bag as well as a small first aid kit. The bivi bag might protect you in an emergency in wet and cold weather. The first aid kit can be packed individually with dressing and disinfection solutions.

Why is it wise to carry an airbag system?

An airbag system increases the chances of survival in case of an avalanche by multiple factors. It allows to stay on the surface of the avalanche.

What is a Skitouring and Freeride Ski set and what width of ski do we suggest?

The latest touring ski have a middle width of 85-100mm and is constructed weight-optimized. Especially for long tours and / or carrying passages, the ski should not give too much additional weight. Apart from the suitable length (max body size), it is also important to have a reliable coat (edges free) and a light, frameless touring binding.


The middle width of a freeriding ski is more than 100mm. In deep powder conditions up to 115-125mm, the length of the ski can also be more than your own height for experienced skiers. A good combination we recommend.

Flory's Freeride set: SCOTT PURE 109 + FRITSCHI TECTON 12

Is it possible to rent skis?

With most of our trips we are not able to offer any rental skis. We recommend to bring your own ski from home. 

Why do ski boots travel as cabin luggage?

Unfortunately the case that luggage does not arrive on time occurs sometimes. Mostly we are able to help out with skis and clothing, but your personal ski boots are very personalized and at some of our destinations just not available to find. With your flight please make sure that transfer times are not kept too short.