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Februar 2018

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Kosovo Free Mountain Week

Mit 2 Gruppen haben wir die Berge im Kosovo erkundet und wir trafen auf ein sehr vielseitiges Terrain mit vielen interessanten Lines und Runs. Als Aufstiegshilfe dienten uns der Skilift, ein Pistenbully und die Felle und so erlebten wir 2 sehr abwechslungsreiche Wochen. Wir kommen im nächsten Jahr definitiv wieder um den Balkan Powder zu rocken…


23/02 – 02/03/2019: Alps – Alta Valtellina Freeride week


Attention: Price and maximum number of clients changed on October 10th, 2018.

Price: 1290 Euro

You think you know all the best freeride spots in the Alps? Have you ever thought about Alta Valtellina? The 3 great areas of Bormio 3000, Isolaccia and Santa Caterina offer incredible skiing far away from any groomed runs. Isolaccia is a really unknown place with hidden valleys and vertical drops of up to 1200 meters, this place is a real burner. On Cima Bianca in Bormio a great variety of untouched runs lead down into Valfurva. Santa Caterina is the home of alpine world cup races, Deborah Compagnoni lives here. But beyond man made tracks it has great potential for freeriding. After a great day of riding we can always have a bath in the natural hot springs of Bormio. If you want to experience new places with us, Alta Valtellina would be ideal for it.

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February/ March 2019: Italy – Heliski Lombardia

Heliski Val Malenco Heliski Valemalenco Heliski_Lombardia

Lombaheli 1: 22.02. – 26.02.2019
Lombaheli 2: 26.02. – 02.03.2019
Lombaheli 3: 02.03. – 06.03.2019

Price: 3090 Euro

Here you can see some photos of one of the best Heliski Spots of the Alps

Here you can see a nice film about our Heliski Trips in Valtellina

Heliskiing Lombardia… almost hard to believe, but also in the Alps we still have some very nice places for Heliskiing. Since many years we really appreciate coming to the Valtellina in northern Italy. Valtellina is one of the longest valleys in the Alps and stretches from Lago di Como to the west to the Ortler to the east. Many of its side valleys to the north border with Switzerland. In many of those Valleys, we find very nice possibilities to reach some of the finest runs by Helicopter. This spot is a real alternative for Heliskiing to a lot of destinations far away abroad.


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Heliskiing in Mestia Swanetien

Wir sind in unserer Haupt Heliski Destination Mestia angekommen. Wie wir es gewohnt sind empfingen uns in Mestia sehr gute Verhältnisse. Schon in den ersten Tagen kamen wir in den Genuss von Pulverschnee und Sonne. Seit so vielen Jahren sind unsere Bergführer Andreas Millinger, Bernhard Freinademetz und Flory in diesen Gebirge unterwegs und es fühlt sich schon an wie heimkommen. Unsere erste Gruppe und wir wurden herzlichst von unserem georgischen Team begrüßt.



Turns and Tapas

Unter diesem Motto stand unsere Reise ins Val d’Aran in den Pyrenäen in der letzten Woche. Auch wenn die Bedingungen nicht jeden Tag die besten waren, konnte unsere Gruppe immer noch feinsten Pulverschnee fahren. Unser Bergführer Matthias Knaus kennt die Gegend bestens und konnte unserer Gruppe die schönsten Ecken des Tales zeigen. Am Abend bei Tapas und einem Glas Rotwein den Tag ausklingen lassen: “Genuss Skifahrer”, was willst du mehr?!

February / March/ April 2019: Georgia – Heliskiing Svanetia Coucasus

Heliski TürkeiHeliski Svanetia 3

Svan 1: 16.02. – 23.02.2019
Svan 2: 23.02. – 02.03.2019
Svan 3: 02.03. – 09.03.2019
Svan 4: 09.03. – 16.03.2019
Svan 5: 16.03. – 23.03.2019
Svan 6: 23.03. – 30.03.2019
Svan 7: 30.03. – 06.04.2019
Svan 8: 06.04. – 13.04.2019

Changes in schedule are reserved, travel dates Saturday to Saturday

Price: 6800 Euro

ATTENTION: Change of the hotel on November 13rd, 2018

Here you can find some pictures of this trip

Dear Skiers and Snowboarders,

welcome to one of the best Heliski spots!

Dive into the winter wonder world of the great Coucasus and experience a ski adventure of your life time! Finest powder snow, untouched slopes and amazing descents are waiting for you. Simply thinking about skiing there makes our hearts beating quicker.

We are always in search for new and great Heliski destinations all around the globe. Now in 2019 we will go into our sixth season in the incredible mountains of Svanetia. This is skiing at its best inbetween the highest peaks of Europe, rising more than 5000 meters into the sky. 1800 square kilometers of stunning skiing terrain is just ours. In my touring book of the last 7 years you can find more than 140 different runs. While we still ski dry and deep powder on the more than 30 kilometer long Layla Range, best spring corn can be skied on the almost endless runs below the looming peak of Ushba. It´s not a big surprise that this amazing spot has become the setting for some great ski movies recently. Just last year we produced the movie “Ushba” there with the currently world best freeriders.

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15/02 – 19/02/2019: Alps – Lötschental Freeride Days


Price: 890 EUR

Since the cable car to the Hockenhorn has been completed, we enjoy coming to the “Lötschental” over and over again. A comfy and traditional valley with almost endless opportunities to ski in open terrain. However you should bear in mind that such a small valley can get quite busy quickly during holiday times or weekends. In such cases it might be necessary to put the skins under the skis and climb up a bit to find the untracked powder we are looking for and that makes us smile so much.

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Eine wunderbare Woche im Alta Valtelina…

… liegt nun hinter uns. Die Bedingungen waren bestens mit super Schneeverhältnissen und feinsten Spezialitäten aus der lokalen Küche. An dieser Stelle möchten wir unserem Bergführer Stefan eine gute Besserung wünschen und uns bei Luca bedanken, der spontan für ihn eingesprungen ist!

09/02 – 16/02/2019: Spain – Val d’Aran: Skitouring in the Pyrenees

Attention 23.10.18: Due to the high demand we are opening a second group. We will try to accomodate this group also in the Hotel Mauberme, however this cannot be confirmed right now. Otherwise we will accomodate the second group in a comparable hotel nearby, such as the Hotel deth Pais.

Price: 2100 EUR

Turns and Tapas! In the spanish Pyrenees Val D’Aran is a very interesting destination for skiers with diverse possibilities. Next to very good infrastructure and sincere hospitality the region convinces with great tours. We find Spains biggest ski resort, numerous peaks between 2.200 and 3.000 meters and a remote and wild national park. This trip includes 6 skitouring days in different parts of the area. On bad weather days tours in the forests or a visit to the ski resort are possible. At the end of the skiing day it is almost compulsary to visit a Tapas bar and have a great and relaxing evening with good food. For everyone who is eager to explore an exotic skitouring destination Val d’Aran is a nice alternative to skitouring in the Alps.

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09/02 – 16/02/2019: Alps – Val d’ Anniviers the freeskiers paradise


Val d´Anniviers_1Val d´Anniviers_2Heliski Svanetia

Price: 1290 EUR

In Val d’Anniviers it has been rather quiet in the open terrain so far and it is a skiers dream. The traditional and laid-back villages of St. Luc, Zinal and Grimentz offer a great freeriding terrain and the family Salamin takes care about our accomodation. By cable car one can get to 3,000 metres above sea level, we ski down and go up back again by cable car cause it was so nice. One of the freeride highlights is the run from the Corne de Sorebois down to Grimentz, it just does not seem to end. The runs are so varied that, if the conditions are good, we can explore new hillsides and freeski runs all the time. You will be surprised by the quiet valley in the shadows of the four-thousand meter high summits of the Wallis.

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February 2019: Kosovo Free Mountain Week

Kosovo 1: 09.02. – 16.02.2019
Kosovo 2: 16.02. – 23.02.2019

Price: 1690 EUR

Here you can watch some more photos of this trip

Here you can watch a short movie

We love to break into exotic realms to go skiing. In 2017 we discovered the small town Brezovica during a reconnaissance trip in the Balkans. Tucked away in a valley of the Dinaric Alps, the development of modern ski tourism did not take place there yet. The once built lifts seem nostalgic and with smiles you use the three still functioning facilities to get into the spectacular terrain on the mountain. Arrived at the mountain station follows a nearly one-hour ascent with skins to the highest point at over 2,600 m above sea level. The difference in altitude down to the valley is more than 1,000 meters. Between Macedonia in the south and Kosovo in the north, this is a place that offers great opportunities for freeriders. On one day of the week we use a snowcat to get into the surrounding area without having to climb. Optionally, further trips with the “Cat” can be organized on site. We appreciate riding in Brezovica far away from well-known destinations. Long and spectacular runs and also the snow quality in the last two winters have convinced us to return and to offer this trip again.

Powderskiing in Honshu and Hokkaido

In der letzten Woche hieß es einmal wieder perfektes Japow Erlebnis bei unseren Gruppen in Honshu und Hokkaido. Die Bilder sprechen eine deutliche Sprache, überzeugt euch selbst.

Unsere 2. Woche im Khulo Valley

Nachdem in unserer ersten Woche ein großer Schneesturm mit mehr als 1,5 Meter Neuschnee das Fliegen unmöglich machten, herrschen im Moment beste Bedingungen bei unserer Heliski Reise im Khulo Valley. Auf vielen der Abfahrten ist mit Sicherheit vorher noch nie jemand mit Skiern gefahren, also Heliskiing at its best!