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Heliskiing Svanetia

Für unsere Top Heliski Destination in Svanetien / Kaukasus haben wir vom  28.03. – 04.04.15 Termin 5 momentan noch 4 freie Plätze. Alle infos zum Heliskiiing in Svanetien einem der besten Spots unter Flory-kern.de oder im Office anrufen 07722 920751.

 Sibirian Powder

Nach einer unvergesslichen Skiwoche im fernen Sibirien geht es in den Alpen mit der Go with the Snow Woche und dem 2. Go with the Snow Weekend weiter. Wir sind sicher wir finden den richtigen Spot. Fotos kannst du in FB oder unter News sehen.

 Big Snow for Japan, Turkey and Svanetia

Auch wenn in den Alpen der Schnee vielerorts noch etwas fehlt, haben unsere Destinationen in Japan schon beste Powderverhältinsse. Auch aus Svanetien haben uns soeben tolle Fotos erreicht und auch in Ayder unserem neuen Heliski Spot in der Türkei liegen bereits mehr als 2 Meter Schnee.

Skiing Mountains Adventure

…that’s the triad that defines our lives.

Heliskiing Kamchatka Guetesiegel0809_VDB1.gif UAIM - Logo For more than 20 years we’ve been traveling the globe, always searching for the perfect mountain, the best hillsides, the finest powder. Long before the skis became wider and the term “freeriding” was being used, we’ve been knowing the best freeride spots around the globe. We are buddies, who have become close friends and who have made their hobby into their profession. The established training to become an UIAGM / IVBV mountain guide and our experience from uncounted trips and days in the mountains are a solid foundation on which all our freeride, heliski and other trips today are based and from which all our guests profit.

Flory_Kern Our motto: “We love what we do”.

Throughout the year we are on the move in the Alps and in other cast-away mountain regions, e.g. in Russia, Kirgistan, India or South America. We are enthusiastic about this and love to share our knowledge with you.
It would be a pleasure to get to know you on one of our journeys or to have you, as one of our regulars, with us again.

Flory Kern